Anne Mumba

Anne Mumba lives in Mukonchi, near Kabwe, with her seven children. She is divorced. In spite of this, she manages to feed her children and pay for all of their school fees.

The 2017/18 season was her second year doing CF, having been trained by her local FC Wilson Sakala. She planted 3ha of maize and 3 ha of soya, and ripped using her own oxen, starting in the cold season and finishing long before the rains came. She says that since doing CF her yields have increased very much. Even this year, with the very hard dry spell in January, she expects bigger yields than she got with her best year doing conventional.


Herbicides allow her to manage, making her operations cheaper and faster. Previously he used to have to pay for piece work, which was more expensive.


Anne told us that before CF, she was farming a smaller amount of land, but had to send more time doing labour. Now she farms a bigger area of land, but spends less time to do it. With the new time she now has, she is doing vegetable gardening and is able to spend more time with her children.


Photo of Anne Mumba with two of her sons, in front of her soyabean crop.

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